Secret Group is proud to be raising donations for two ecologically focussed charities. From late 2017 to mid 2018 we will harness our next theatrical production to fundraise for the two causes found below: one London and one global charitable organisation. We feel that both World Land Trust and Trees for Cities deliver environmental protection projects that are key to maintaining our ecology and the long term health of our planet.


Trees for Cities

City life is fast becoming the dominant way of life for the people of this world. In the UK 80% of the population already lives in cities, and that figure is steadily rising. Air pollution is at record levels in our cities, climate change is causing extreme weather conditions and many species are under threat of extinction, all of which puts our ecosystem in very real danger.

Based in the UK, Trees for Cities plants trees and strive to make our urban areas more green, both here and around the world. Projects include:

Urban Forests – Each year London’s trees remove 2.4 million tonnes of air pollution, including carbon dioxide, dust and other gaseous toxins. By planting 75,000 urban trees worldwide each year, Trees for Cities is building resilience against threats facing the natural environment.  

Edible Playgrounds – Many children in inner city areas don’t know how plants grow or where food comes from, and obesity, food poverty and malnutrition among children is increasing. Edible Playgrounds transform areas of school grounds into vibrant outdoor spaces, which teach children about growing and eating healthy food.

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World Land Trust

Life depends upon a healthy natural world. Forests provide oxygen and clean air, prevent catastrophic flooding and landslides, regulate the climate and cool the planet. Trees, plants and pollinating insects provide food, medicine and other resources while unpolluted rivers and streams supply fresh water.

Forests and other untouched natural habitats form the respiratory system of our world, and their conservation is critical to the ongoing viability of life on this planet.

World Land Trust (WLT) has been saving tropical forests and other critically threatened, biodiverse habitats since 1989. Its first project, Programme for Belize, now protects 262,000 acres of tropical forest and all its wildlife, all of which would otherwise have certainly been lost.

Since then WLT has been instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 600,000 acres of crucial habitat and has helped leverage the long-term protection for 2 million more acres.

WLT’s patrons include Sir David Attenborough, Steve Backshall, David Gower and Chris Packham, and its appeals have saved land to protect Orang-utans in Borneo, Caucasian Leopards in Armenia and other big cats around the world. WLT’s current Special Appeal is the Treasure Chest Appeal, saving the green gold of the Caribbean.

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